Tinting for eyelashes and brows - Alternative to mascara and eyebrow pencil

Tinting gives you an alternative to applying mascara and eyebrow pencil each morning! This permanent solution gives you a very natural look that frames your eyes with darker eyebrows and/or lashes for up to 4 to 6 weeks.

This solution is especially ideal for people who have makeup allergies, wear contact lenses or are too busy for a full makeup routine. Professionally done, the tinting procedure is fast and painless.

Initially the skin around the lashes and eyebrows is protected with petroleum jelly. Special eyelash/eyebrow dye is applied only to the hairs (sparing the skin). The solution is allowed to dry. Sometimes a second solution is applied. Finally the brows and eyelashes are washed and rinsed. Then you're good to go for at least another month!

Esthetics Salon Price Range*
Eyebrow tinting (2 eyebrows) Starting at $15.00
Eyelash tinting Starting at $17.00
Both - Eyebrows and eyelash tinting Starting at $30.00

* Please note that prices vary by stylist and are subject to change without notice.