Frequently Asked Questions - at Alluring and Chic

Question: My highlights have faded quickly, can you tell me why?

Answer: The PH level in your shampoo is not right for you. Talk to our stylists to determine what factors you need to be aware of when buying shampoo.

Question: I always use the same brand of shampoo but my girlfriend's hair looks great and I'd like to try her shampoo. Is my hair better off with the same brand of shampoo or can I change?

Answer: At Alluring and Chic we recommend that you change shampoos every 4 months.

Question: I have light, fine hair and use a conditioning shampoo but lately my hair looks rather flat no matter what I do?

Answer: Throw out the shampoo! If you have light. fine, hair conditioning it every time you wash is actually causing your hair to go limp - you're over conditioning it. Change your routine and get a separate shampoo and conditioner. Use the conditioner every second or third wash.

Question: I really like some of the new shorter hair looks but it's taken me a few years to grow my hair this long and I'm afraid I might not like the way I look in really short hair.

Answer: At Alluring and Chic we want you to be happy with your decisions. If you're not sure about going really short let's talk about it. Maybe the answer is to take it part way to a medium length. We can do that. When you see how you look - you can decide if you'd like your hair shorter or if you would like to try out the medium length for a while. We'll offer suggestions and alternatives if you'd like some input or advice.

Question: My hairdresser gives me the same cut each time which has been great but I like the way that other stylist in the next station is creating new looks for her clients. Will anyone be offended if I change hair stylists?

Answer: No. Not in this salon. We don't want an unhappy client so if you have a problem or issue with your hair cut or just want a change - please don't hesitate to ask. We work as a team and we recognize that everyone enjoys a bit of a change.

Question: I'd love to come in for a facial but I'm hesitant because while I'm happy to pay for the facial, I'm really happy with the products that I use at home and don't want to be upsold to more expensive products that usually cost a fortune yet give the same results as the products I use now.

Answer: Great - book your facial now. It is our policy to not upsell. We want you to enjoy your facial and your revitalized skin and we'd like to see you again. If you have questions about products we'd be happy to share our expertise. If you like what you have - great.

Question: What is sugaring?

Answer: Sugaring involves the same process as waxing and yields the same results.

Question: I've never had my legs professionally waxed before - do you have any suggestions?

Answer: At Alluring and Chic we suggest that you start getting your legs waxed in the winter - after the Christmas parties. At first you will have to have it redone every 3 to 4 weeks but by summer you'll find that you have lighter hair and it takes 6 to 7 weeks to grow back in!